Family-Owned and Local

At Sasser DPC we focus on you, the patient. Our goal is to provide you accessible, affordable, premium healthcare.

At Sasser DPC, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned, local business. Dr. Sasser, our founder, has been a practicing physician in Baton Rouge for over a decade. He grew up in Louisiana and received his medical degree from Louisiana State University. Dr. Sasser has a passion for providing compassionate, high-quality care to his patients and believes that a strong community is built on a foundation of health and wellness.

Having spent many years in traditional medical settings, he understands how unique direct primary care can be. So many patients appreciate the long appointment times and prompt answers to their questions. When you’re wrestling with health concerns, the last thing you want is a complicated phone tree, a two-week appointment wait, and a doctor you hardly know. This is why Dr. Sasser instills the values of direct primary care throughout the entire Sasser team, so that no matter who you interact with, you feel known and listened to.

We also promote our family-owned and local values in other ways.


We Prioritize Small Businesses

We prioritize small businesses because we understand the importance of supporting the local economy. Sasser DPC is, after all, a Baton Rouge small business, too. Small businesses create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and help keep money within the community. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new business partners who want to take advantage of all direct primary care has to offer.

We Believe Community Health Impacts All Areas of Life

Community health is crucial for improving the quality of life for everyone. From finances to education, sickness has consequences, and we want to do our part to keep St. Aloysius Parish healthy.

Unfortunately, the health standards in Baton Rouge are lower than the national average in many key areas. According to the Louisiana Department of Health, in East Baton Rouge Parish, the leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. At Sasser DPC, we believe that direct primary care and preventative medicine are the keys to improving community health. By providing personalized and accessible care to our patients, we can help prevent and manage chronic illnesses and promote overall wellness.

Compassionate Care

We Want You to Feel Like Family

As a dad, Dr. Sasser knows the value of compassionate, family-friendly care. At Sasser DPC, we want to take care of you and your family just like we’d take care of our own loved ones. We strive to provide care that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs. We believe in building strong relationships with our patients and their families, and we are committed to providing compassionate care that extends beyond the exam room.

Many hospital systems can feel cold and impersonal, leaving patients feeling like just another number in the system. At Sasser DPC, we go above and beyond to provide meaningful doctor access through direct primary care. Our patients have direct access to Dr. Sasser via phone, email, or text, and we offer extended office visits to ensure that our patients receive the care they need. 

By providing personalized care that is focused on the individual, we can build stronger relationships with our patients and their families, leading to better health outcomes and a stronger community.

Come Visit Sasser DPC Today

If you’re interested in family-owned and local direct primary care, then we invite you to learn more about Sasser DPC. We know that you might not be familiar with the direct primary care model. That’s OK! We’d be happy to jump on a quick discovery call to share more about our practice and answer any questions.
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