Membership Pricing

Our fees are simple and transparent. No hidden fees. No complex invoices.
Concierge direct primary care is your answer to a broken insurance system. While insurance might make sense in theory, it’s often more headache than it’s worth. Like any professional service, you expect your medical care to come with simple and transparent pricing. You pay the price you see upfront and in return, receive high-quality care. That’s how direct primary care pricing works.
Individual Rate
Individual + Spouse¹
30-65 years
18 - 30 years
Additional dependent 12 – 17²
Additional dependent 18 – 26²
Over 65 (we do not currently accept Medicare Part B)
Enrollment Fee

¹ Legally married couple. Marriage certificate required. Rate will be based on the older member. ² Legal dependent. Birth certificate required.


Most Common Medical Services Are Covered by Your Membership

Have you ever looked through your insurance bill after a visit to the emergency room? Even if you’re not paying for every expense, that itemized list can be shocking. Fifty dollars for a few painkiller tablets? A hundred dollars for an IV tube? Direct primary care won’t nickel and dime you. Most if not all of your visits will be fully covered by your monthly membership.

Sasser Direct Primary Care also offers significant discounts on prescriptions and lab work. See what’s covered by your membership.

Per-Visit Fees
Annual physical exam
Preventative health maintenance
Chronic disease management
Urgent Care
Same day and/or next day appointments
Simple office procedures
Sports physicals
Extended office visits
Unlimited office visits
Communication with physician

Business Pricing

Smart, innovative employers are discovering the power of concierge primary care. By partnering with Sasser Direct Primary Care, business owners can save on insurance premiums, cut down on sick time, and improve employee satisfaction.

Top candidates want to work for companies that go the extra mile when it comes to health benefits.

Reach out to the Sasser team today to start customizing your concierge health benefits. Choose from our flexible plan options, and let us help you find the perfect setup for your company.

Plan Options
For larger companies (15 employees or more) where the employer collects premiums directly from enrollees and takes on the responsibility of paying employees’ and dependents’ medical claims. Employers can save 35% or more on annual premiums.
Pairing direct primary care with insurance options like HSAs and High Deductible Health Plans can save money over time.
Non-Benefited Employees
For a small monthly fee, small Businesses that are not required to provide employee health plans can provide benefits for certain high-value employees. This is a flexible way to retain talent while avoiding major costs associated with full insurance coverage.
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