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For over a decade, Dr. Sasser has provided Baton Rouge with personal, high-quality healthcare (without relying on costly insurance).

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a simple concept

Concierge primary care is a simple concept.

It’s affordable healthcare that puts your needs first. It means getting the care you need anytime you need it. It means visiting a doctor you know and trust.

Welcome to Sasser Direct Primary Care


Meet Dr. Sasser

Dr. Sasser grew up in Livingston Parish and graduated from LSU in 1993. After graduation, he began a career in the military, initially serving in the United States Marine Corps and later transferring to the Air Force. He trained in multiple aircraft, primarily the AH-1W Cobra and F-15 Eagle. He proudly served our country on active duty for 16 years before deciding to pursue a new career in medicine.

He’s a proud member of the Baton Rouge community and has committed his career to serving people like you. Schedule a time to meet the Sasser team and discover what it’s like to work with a doctor who you know and trust.

Individualized. Personalized. Care.

Concierge Care: Returning Healthcare to Its Roots

Healthcare used to be about the doctor-patient relationship. When you came down with a fever, you would call up the family doctor, someone who’s familiar with your health and can recommend a personal treatment plan. Sasser Direct Primary Care is returning to those roots. 

We offer real, premium care in Baton Rouge and treat you like a person, not a list of symptoms or a data point.

Patient-Centered Healthcare

Concierge Care in Action

What services can concierge care provide to you and your family? What conditions can we treat here in Baton Rouge? In short, we cover everything a primary care provider offers and more. Because we have fewer patients we are able to handle complex issues that would otherwise be referred out to unnecessary specialists. We’re just more efficient, thorough, and convenient. Here are some services you can expect from Sasser DPC.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Membership-Based Healthcare

Direct primary care, or DPC, is a monthly membership health care model, which provides the patient with unlimited same or next day visits, as well as texting and emailing directly with the provider. DPC is designed for those with no insurance or high deductible insurance plans. This health care model gives access to primary and urgent care services to patients who might otherwise lack access.

Primary Care Visits

Whether you have a stomach bug or want to manage your cholesterol, Dr. Sasser will meet with you to discuss and treat your health needs. With same-day appointments, primary care has never been easier.

Remote Visits

Because we are not constrained by insurance rules, many routine issues are handled by phone, text, or video instead of requiring an in-person clinic visit.


Never get behind on your annual checkups and blood draws. Our team will not only test you for common imbalances, but we will also sit down with you to explain your results. We have direct contract agreements with local labs, which allows us to offer pricing that is well below typical insurance rates. Annual labs that run over $300 are less than $15 through us. 

Weight Loss

We assist patients in meeting weight loss goals in a safe and medically appropriate way.  We leverage direct contracts to obtain GLP-1 type medications at affordable prices and carefully monitor patient progress with coaching and guidance. 

Pharmacy and Discounts

In most cases, we can source your medications more cheaply than your local pharmacy. We fill most medications in-clinic so you don’t even have to go to a pharmacy. Maintenance medications can also be ordered in 12-month batches.

Affordable care for a flat, monthly cost

No Wrestling with Insurance and Copays

Concierge direct primary care is a unique approach to providing traditional primary care. Insurance plans try to standardize care with patients being treated the same. By removing insurance from the equation, patients can receive the personalized premium care they deserve at a very cost-effective rate. Instead of worrying about the insurance company’s needs, we focus on providing you with the very best care.


Comprehensive Care for an Affordable Monthly Fee

Innovative Healthcare

Direct Primary Care for Employers

What Our Clients Say


Brandy Brown

The best doctor I have had in years. Dr. Sasser listens to all my health care concerns and answers each one of my questions. He has excellent bedside manners as well. I have recommended family as well to become his patients.

John Armstrong

Very glad to have Dr. Sasser in this community as a doctor who takes the time to meet with and really listen to each patient.

April Olsen

Excellent doctor that takes time to meet with his patients and actually cares about their treatment. I have recommended him to several friends and family.

John Schilling

If you factor in the time you will save using Dr.Sasser over other health alternatives he is the least expensive option, add to that a level of care second to none and why would you go anywhere else for your health services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct primary care uses a membership model to deliver health care services directly to patients. Direct primary care (DPC) doctors don’t bill or use insurance. Rather, patients pay a monthly membership of $50 to $100 to receive primary care services directly from a board-certified family medicine physician or other primary care specialist.
The fee covers all office visit expenses, including being seen by the physician, a nurse-only visit, lab draws, access to low-cost medications and labs, and in-house office procedures. It gives you a discount on home visits. It provides you with a personal care team of physicians or nurse practitioners who are dedicated to your health and is interested in you as a person. It also gives you 24/7 access to your physicians or nurse practitioners, via multiple avenues.
No. We forego insurance payments in order to save our patients from the arbitrary, intrusive decisions that come with using insurance. Charging a direct monthly fee frees us from the typical contractual agreements that prevent non-DPC physicians from offering wholesale prices on laboratory tests, imaging, and medications.
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